Our Products

clean up to 3 times faster

Our mops help you clean up to 3 times faster and more efficiently than any other way, reducing cleaning frequency and time, while avoiding the use of harsh detergents.
With one pass, our mops magnetize dust, hair, and lint while offering an even polish.
Suitable for professional spaces as well as for the home, our mops are an ideal weight and balance for a guaranteed result in your regular cleaning!
Choose the right size mop for your space and with our leasing program we replace the products at the ideal interval, so that you always have clean, well-maintained mops when you need them, delivered right to your door.

Our Products


  • Cleans all types of flooring by attracting 99% of dust
  • Mops come in sizes 18", 36", & 60" (on demand)


  • Convenient and easy to use hand glove
  • Ideal for wood furniture, small items, and car care
  • Not for use on glass surfaces, and gold-plated


  • Easy grip handle
  • Ideal for appliances, cars, and window coverings


  • Long and light handled hand-duster, for those high or hard to reach areas


NoDust Mops

NoDust products are 100% cotton.NoDust products are treated with our special formula that attracts dust leaving a pleasant lemon scent behind.
1. NoDust multipurpose disinfectant treatment:

• Mineral oils

• Disinfectant and antiseptic solution

• Liquid wax

• Citron Oil scent

Two treatment levels: 

• Standard: Suitable for all hard floors (red bag).

• HDF (without mineral oils): Suitable for HDF surfaces (blue bag)

2. NoDust products cover specific areas
  • Customer needs are determined by customer usage
  • Calculation: Area covered by customer x Daily usage x Weekly usage / Area covered by mop


NB: Generally, one 18” mop that is changed monthly is just right for an average-size apartment. Most households prefer our monthly rental cycle. 


To get the most out of your Mop we recommend that you slide it in a straight line facing your direction. The handle of the Mop offers a rotating base which allows you rotate it without raising it from the floor and return using the same face.
Once you finish cleaning, shake the excess dirty in a bag, and store your Mop back in its bag. Finally, store upright facing opposite the wall.
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